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Testimonial by Anna from Poland

Hi! I am Anna Tondyra and I am from Poland. On my 16th birthday my parents sent me to UK by my own to study at Wimbledon School of English. At the time, I was thinking the worst present ever but I was totally wrong. 2013 was just the beginning of my journey with that school. I went back in 2014 and 2015 and 2016 is the first year when I am not there. I made so many friends through 3 years and what is amazing is that I still keep in touch with them. For example, I am going to Barcelona in September to meet my dear Carlos who I am friends with since 2013! I think I am good example that Wimbledon School of English is brilliant because I spent there so much time. I improved for sure my spoken language but also I learned so much about our world because of the contact with other cultures. Thank you again for everything Wimbledon School of English - hope we will meet there again!


WSE Team