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Top 10 Museums in London

We all love to learn something new, and the museums here in London are some of the best places to teach you.  Whether you're learning about art, history or culture, you are spoilt for choice with all the museums that London has to offer, plus they're all FREE!!

Take a look at our Top 10 below:


The Natural History Museum

One word that can truly describe this place is stunning! It is an impeccable visitors attraction and because of this it attracts millions of visitors each year and is also a world-leading science research centre. The musum showcases  a wide varierty of new exibiions throughout the year so you’ll never get bored and you can expect to see something new every time you visit. An exciting addition is Crime Scene Live where you become a  crime scene investigator for the evening in order to solve a murder mytery  

The Natural History Museum has breathtaking architecture and you can even ice-skate there against a beautiful backdrop leading up to Christmas. 


The Science Museum 

This is probably the most fun and interactive museum you’ll find in London!  You can discover the excitement of aerobatics in the 3D Red Arrows simulation theatre, watch brilliant 3D scientific films about the human body, and survival in the Antarctic at the IMAX cinema; Plus be wowed by a unique history of flights and aircrafts and find out more about your brain, body and genes.  You can spend the entire day here without even realising it.


National Gallery

The National Gallery hosts some fo the most beaugiul pieces of art from around the world – from Leonardo di Vinci to Van Gogh, there is definitely something to plase everyone.  It is in a wonderful and central part of London within a beautiful building and what’s even more special is that you can enjoy many clasical concerts and musical performances at the gallery, all free of charge.  For those of you who are new to art but can still apprecicate the natural beauty in these paintings, there are a range of inspiring exhibitions to help you gain a greater understanding of their meaning.  Not forgtetting the detailed talks and tours that can guide you through the gallery.


The British Library

This is the largest library in the world and also the national Library of the UK.  The library receives a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland and most of these are in some of the most well-known languages also.  There is a sound archive for materials such as DVDS and CDs.  Some collections include the Magna Carta, Leonardo Di Vinci’s notebook, The Times First Edition and over 4 million maps.  We can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be amazed by this place!


The V&A (Victoria and Albert)

This museum is packed with lots of strange and unusual things and the jewellery section is just beautiful.  You can spend hours here pouring over the different sections such as the wonderful ceramics, textiles and sculptures.  They have a Friday Lates event and hands-on workshops such as t-shirt drawing, life painting - artistic skills are not essential and anyone can join in! 


British Museum

The British Museum is dedicated to all things encompassing human history, culture and art and over the years has grown from around 5000 visitors in the 18th Century to 6 million today, not to mention its quirky and very artistic building.  The museums organises special exhibitions throughout the year and has a gallery completely showcasing art from every single continent around the world, with Egypt and Ancient Greece and Rome having their own galleries.  It really is fascinating as well as a wealth of information! 


The RAF Museum

Celebrating the story of aviation up until the 21st Century, the RAF Museum shows exhibitions such as War in the Air - displaying British, German American, Japanese and Argentinian aircrafts.   Find out the history of the famous Royal Air Force by visiting the 4D Experience Theatre - visitors can witness 3D visual animation made especially through dynamic movements, water sprays, leg ticklers and smoke effects.  Last but not least, test your ability to fly by having a go at our Fun n Flight  interactive gallery.


London Transport Museum

You don’t need to be a fan of anything transport related to enjoy this museum and only when you’re there will you feel nostalgic and realise just how much the design of transport in London has changed throught the years! This museum celebtrates the London Bus, HiddenLondonhotspots, the London Underground, London Transoort at War plus many more. 


National Maritime Museum

You can completely lose yourself in here as it really is spectacular. It one of the largest museums of its kind in the world and has 10 galleries and collections from artworks, maps and charts.  Experience what flying through space is like, take a look into the future with the exbition Above and Beyond , find out about Captain James Cook’s Last Voyage, The East India Company plus lots more!


The Old Operating Theatre 

This is without a doubt, one of the most unusual museums in London! It's perfect for anyone interested in medicine and will show you what an old fashioned operating theatre looked like in the olden days, and you’ll finally learn why we name it a THEATRE in English. This operating theatre first originated in 1822 and you will learn how surgery was carried out long before anaesthetics and antiseptics were available! Make sure to visit the Herb Garret for more information about the roots of herbal medicines.


All of these museums are free, fun, educational and located around Central London.  Go along with your friends and make the most of them!